How DenteShield Works

How Does Our Seldox™ Technology work?

DenteShield™ products utilize Seldox™ technology to inhibit bacteria colonization responsible for white spot lesions, plaque, and gingival inflammation. Clinical tests indicate that using DenteShield™ products eliminates visual signs of demineralization.

DenteShield™ products create a blanket of protection on the tooth surface.

Seldox™ goes beyond a traditional protective barrier, actively attacking bacteria before it can colonize on the treated surface.



Surfaces treated with DenteShield™ products remain cleaner, helping to prevent demineralization and decay altogether.

Who Benefits from Seldox™ Technology?

Both dental professionals and patients alike will appreciate the added protection, improved appearance, and healthier smile DenteShield™ with Seldox™ offers. Patient experience and satisfaction is improved through better, long-term results requiring no change in procedure or oral hygiene practices.